Senin, 08 November 2010

Nude Body Painting

Jessica White was photographed by Rennio Maifredi in Grenada. All bodypainting and make-up by Joanne Gair for LBB Artist Management, using Body Art Products by Reel Creations, INC and Tinsley Make Up FX Studio.
Jessica White was photographed by Rennio Maifredi in Grenada.
Body painting is a form of artistic expression that uses average paint to make gorgeous bodies look even more gorgeous. Body painting is temporary and is mainly done on female bodies because it isn’t a macho thing. The Caribbean is not new to body painting and when Columbus landed he met the Caribs and Arawaks using annatto to paint their bodies and surf boards. Body painting can be more than artistic and it can even be used by women to say to the public, “I am Hot.” Tattoos are a permanent type of body painting and are used mainly by women who think they would look hot throughout their years. Tattoos can have a deep meaning but it’s the shallow meaning which everybody understands. Tattoo designs should be chosen carefully since a heart-shaped tattoo on a butt can stretch in no time to look like a circle with even less meaning. Tattoos can be considered your short-lived friend.Nude body painting is now popular among top models who are shaped to kill. Nearly every naked female model’s body will look better in body paints but not every model has a body like Jessica White, who is not very ticklish. Nude body painting is one way the media can have models pose nude and offend less than half the people they normally offend. As more and more women choose body paints to express their feminine side more and more men will take up the brush in support.